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Bataa - Ulaanbaatar
Co-Founder, Manager

Bataa is one of the Co-Founders of Taiga Travel Mongolia LLC. He was born in the eastern Mongolian steppe, and has an extensive professional background in marketing and tourism. Bataa has been serving travelers for the last 10 years. His interests include photography, history and horse riding.

Ewen - Australia

Ewen is a journalist and experienced adventure traveler with a special passion for Mongolia. He has traversed Eurasia on a small motorcycle, a journey recounted in his book 'Overland'. He previously served in the Australian Army.

Ochir - Eight Lake Area
Horse Guide

Ochir and his son Suir are nomads living in the Orkhon Valley and Eight Lake area. Orchir’s mother is a professional Mongolian long song singer. Ochir can also sing, and is known to occasionally sing to lucky tourists on our adventures.

Uuld - Central Mongolia
Experienced Driver

Uuld is a professional fixer and driver. He has been driving professionally since the age of 18, and has now been in the industry for 30 years. Uuld owns a herd of horses in central Mongolia and trains them to race.

Professional service staff

Our company’s service staff, drivers, cooks and local guides have received many compliments from customers. They are industry professionals with plenty of experience showing tourists around Mongolia.  

High-quality service & competitive price

We aim to provide a professional, high-quality service to showcase our beautiful, wild country. When you choose to travel with us, you will be in capable and experienced hands for a competitive price, without sacrificing on comfort or quality. We choose accommodation selectively and work only with top-tier providers.  

Professional & Experienced

We are a fully licensed company and have been working in the tourism sector for more than five years. All the tours we offer are carefully handpicked, drawing on our deep local knowledge, and can be customized according to your interests, preferences and schedule.  

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  • A great tour company and great staff. I highly recommend Taiga Travel Mongolia. A wonderful tour, reliable and touching service.
    Caroline Noudelman
  • Excellent tour company! Everything was well organized and the tour flowed smoothly.
    Tom Rowe
  • If you plan traveling to Mongolia, i highly recommended these guys. You won't regret it, they are given me an amazing time throughout my visit in Gobi Desert, Mongolia.
    Annie Ogburn
    United States
  • We made incredible trip to Mongolian Gobi for 6 days. It was our first time in Mongolia, I traveled with my 3 other co-workers. We really wanted to see the Gobi desert, riding a camel and standing alone in the middle of nowhere. We exactly did what we wanted to do. Tour organizer was so kind and professional. Our guide and driver were excellent for their job. We four still talk about the Gobi tour in Mongolia, it's never forgettable.
    Kim Byenggyu
    South Korea

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